Friday, December 26, 2008

December 2008

December turned out to be very busy month to end our very busy year. Tyler started T-ball and it is about the cutest thing we have seen. He absolutely loves it!! Of course he is a natural and the best hitter on the team....we aren't the least bit biased. It is so much more fun that his two little buddies from his class at school, Michael and Lucas, are on his team too. Luke just hangs out with Meggie (Michael's sister). They are quite cute as well. The only downfall to the whole experience is that his team is the Longhorns. The boys don't seem to mind but Mommy refuses to wear the burnt orange parent shirt. There are just some things you can't do...even for your kids :)


Tyler also lost his first tooth this month. This picture cracks me up. He was just trying to smile so I could see the tooth he lost, instead he looks terrified! We thought the whole idea of the tooth fairy may scare him but he did just fine. The kid is motivated by money!


Then came the boys Christmas play. Luke completely shocked us. You have to understand that Luke has been in the separation anxiety stage (only from me mind you) for pretty much his whole life. EVERY day I took him to school we would have a screaming fit because he didn't want to leave me. Luckily his teacher is an angel and just takes him and runs. So, we get to the Christmas play. I haven't taken him to school in two months because of my bed rest so we are a little worried how he is going to do separating from me and then have to stand in front of a sanctuary and sing Christmas carols. We had nothing to worry about...I have never seen such a ham in my entire life. I wish I could post a part of the video but that's way too complicated for me. Not only did he sing, he talked to us and all his friends from the stage the entire time. Then after he was sitting with us he continued to "coach" Tyler, Meghan and all their friends from our seats. You never know with him. It's a good thing he's so cute!

Left to Right: Michael, Tyler, Meghan and Luke


Lukie turned 3 on the 21st of this month. It has been an eventful three years for our family and he has kept us laughing the whole way. Not only does he look like Ben he acts so much like him too. He has such a care free and happy personality...90% of the time at least. The other 10% he is about as determined to get his own way as they come. I'm afraid that part is from me...we just pray that Luke uses his power for good and not evil! He'll be able to move mountains if he puts his mind to it. He had a small speed racer party at the beginning of the month and then we went out to eat on his actual day.


We had Christmas in Mission this year...just us. We didn't exactly plan for our first Christmas back in Texas to be alone but it worked out nice just the same. My doc said that traveling would not be a good idea in "my condition". The boys don't have a problem with it...they are celebrating Christmas four times over...with their cousins from Austin, our family, my family and then Ben's family. Christmas morning was fun for Ben and I. The boys were completely into Santa and we had the best time making cookies, reading the night before Christmas and waking up together.

There isn't much on Jake right now except that he is absolutely the most precious little boy. He started walking right before his first birthday (October 31st) and is so happy to be keeping up a little more with his brothers. He is such a content baby and loves to play. He talks all the time in the sweetest baby jabber. We can't get enough of him. It's hard to not pick him up and squeeze him....but he does weigh 27 lbs (5 less than Luke) so that's a tad risky for me at this point!
Ben and I are doing well. We are adjusting to life down in Mexico quite nicely. We still miss our family and friends from Georgia but the Lord is so good. I was convinced that it would take us a really long time to make new friends and then get close to them. God stepped right in and took care of that. The school the boys attend is just wonderful and the ladies I have met from MOPs are just priceless. We I got put on bed rest at the beginning of November, all of these people just stepped out of the woodwork and came to our rescue. I am especially indebted to two ladies here, Jodi and Laura. They think of our needs even before we do.
It has been quite a challenge to remain still. It is not in my nature to just sit without doing. We are hoping we have a light at the end of the tunnel. I am 26 weeks tomorrow. I had steroid shots for her lungs a couple weeks ago so if she did come now, her lungs would probably not be an issue. Our first goal is 28 weeks and then 32 weeks. I take medication every 4 hours right now to keep the contractions away. Right now, the doc says I can go off meds at 32 weeks and we'll see what happens. Knowing my luck I will probably go to term and have to be induced!! Of well, that is better than her being born now. My doctor here is just amazing. We are very close to my OB in Georgia and I have to say I had a hard time when I had to have someone else. The wonderful thing is that I still talk to Dr. Lonergan and he agrees 100% with everything Dr. Hernandez is doing. That alone is so reassuring. Dr. Hernandez has proven to be a God send. He has called everything that would happen every step of the way. He is very proactive and we have learned to trust him completely. He has her best interests at heart, as well as mine. Oh..if you didn't know that part...this is a girl. The drama has already begun and she's not even here yet!
The store is doing well and Ben is slowly adjusting to his different lifestyle. I don't know how many times I've heard him so that there are just not enough hours in the day! He is balancing everything so much better than I ever could. The word that comes to mind is selfless. When I went into labor the first time, that was all it took. He not only manages the store but our house and kids as well. Not to mention the care I need. I'm not used to being so high maintenance but I'm pathetic these days. Who knew that bed rest would exhaust you?
We hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and year. There is has been so much excitement this year for us and we anticipate more when our daughter arrives. As of now we are naming her Kathleen Grace...Katie for short. The middle name may change but Katie is sticking quite well.
We love all of you so much and appreciate all of your love and support this year. Your prayers through all of our transitions have been felt and treasured.
Happy New Year!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Updated pictures of the boys

Sweet baby Jake

The kid has the roundest face!! We are always kissing those cheeks.

These two...they get crazier every day. They sure love playing with each other.

Luke's favorite past time this summer...coloring on himself with markers.

First time eating spaghetti

Tyler's first day of school...Luke got to start school at the same place a month later.

The worst blogger ever!

I know I'm horrible, I haven't updated anyone in 4 months. I did start a facebook but this seems to be more personal somehow. I do have my reasons...I haven't forgotten about anyone! We still miss you terribly.

The update and all the reasons I have been neglecting this site...

Well...Ben did become an operator as you read in our last blog. He left shortly after for Atlanta for 6 weeks. We went to Houston for the last two weeks. Ben came home in July but we stayed in Houston for another week then week to Austin to complete his training. During that time we saw several friends we had not seen in years. We spent time with the Livesays, Huntleys and the Mays. It was great to meet their families for the first time. Afterwards we came home to a hurricane hitting two days later and then we moved apartments the next week. Then we started Ben's first complete month at the store and Tyler started school at the end of August. I've been trying to getting slowly involved. I feel very blessed to be a stay at home mom but it took me a lot of months to get used to it. I'm used to chaos and schedules and I thrive in those conditions. I wasn't used to making my own list of things to do on my time (well actually not my own time...the time the kids allowed me is more like it). I know it sounds crazy that that should be a problem but when you go from working and having kids to just having kids it is a downshift. It's getting better. After all of that, I went on a complete girls trip with my mom, sister and best friend, Crista to New York for Missy's 29th birthday. We had so much fun...ate a lot of food, walked a ton and saw Mamma Mia (completely awesome) and Lion King. I felt very spoiled.

And, lastly, the biggest news of all...

The last reason to why I can't seem to get it together and keep up with posts/pictures is that we found out that baby #4 is on his/her way. Yes, you heard me right, we are pregnant AGAIN and I am well aware of the fact that Jake isn't even 1 yet!! We've know for a while now, I'm 15 weeks along and due April 5th.

It's neat how the Lord can come full circle in your life. We found out August 1st that we were expecting this baby...6 years ago on that day, we miscarried our first baby. The due date for that baby was April 5th...just like this baby #4.

So...extra prayers are appreciated. We are moving into a house at the end of this month and then getting our things out of storage in Georgia next month. Life will be a little nuts for a while but I'll try to keep you updated!!

Love you!
The Stovers

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ben is an Operator!!

I know the posts are out of order but I wanted this to be the first update. Ben got the call on May 16th that he was officially being selected as the operator of Jackson Ave FSU in McAllen, TX. We were waiting outside to officially congratulate Daddy.

Luke had run up the apartment stairs, that's why there is no picture with him. I meant to get one later but just forgot...side affect of having kids!!

Gladys Porter Zoo

Ben has had the whole week before he leaves for operator training off. We took the time to spend some much needed time together after our crazy month of May. Of course, two our of the three kids were sick but we still found time to go to the zoo and hang out at the pool. Which, by the way, this zoo is probably the best we have been to. Last year the boys and I got to go to the National zoo in Washington D.C. and that was pretty cool too. but the animals were so active, it was a lot of fun.

If I ever doubted why God gave us all boys I think we received some clarity today. Ben and I were just as excited as the boys going from one exhibit to the next. We loved see how active the animals were and just had the best time with the boys. And, I can't believe I am going to write this, the snakes were pretty amazing.

Yes, he was that you will see in the next picture.

Luke sat there and watched him sleep the whole time. Eventually, he woke up and just stared at Luke. It was a little unnerving.

Luke loved the birds, monkeys and snakes.

Tyler's favorite

Sweet angel baby...he was wonderful and we know he felt rotten.

There was a robotic dinosaur exhibit which was so fun for the boys to see. At first they weren't sure (actually Luke still isn't in this picture) but eventually they both warmed up to them just fine. Poor Jake just fell asleep and buried his head in my shoulder.

I would love to say "come on over" and we will go down with you but the zoo is in Brownsville and it is quite a hike for anyone but us!! But if you are in the neighbor, let us know, we will happily go again.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jake's Photo Shoot

It's hard to not do the same things for number two and three as you did for one...not because you don't have the same desires for them but because you no longer have as much time or money!! We took Jake to picture people a couple weeks ago and I am so glad we did. You can really see the red tint to his hair in these pictures. When he did his naked pics they had to take him to the front...the place right by the window to the mall. I think 7 or 8 people stopped and watched him take pictures...there is just something about a naked baby that makes people smile and laugh, especially when they have so many rolls like Mr. Jake. It was a lot of fun...thanks Mom! It was a wonderful Mother's Day gift.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tyler turns 5!!

Bed head and all!

So I didn't win the award of the most pictures taken on your child's birthday. I had plenty of opportunities...the kid celebrated his birthday for about 2 at Chucky Cheese with Caleb and Noah, celebration with Mommy and Daddy and then unexpectedly a Pappasitto's celebration with the grandparents. He did well for himself. I think we all kind of over did it out of guilt because all his little friends (besides Crista's kids) are in Georgia. Anyone that has boys and needs to give a gift soon...the speed racer track (the one that flips the cars 2 feet in the air) is awesome and remote control dinosaurs are very cool (have to have two though so they can fight). He also loved the transformer in the picture...the one I thought he wouldn't like because it stayed in robot form and almost took back...its the one toy he hasn't put down...go figure.